Starting a business.

When starting a business or anything in life, you need to remember that it will take a while to come alive and make a small amount of money. A good example is this blog, However you must persevere to make it work. The best thing i am finding out is that when you have a good day and it goes well, everything becomes amazing and trust me if your thinking of starting one. DO IT.



I was so happy to hear the new doctor who actor being announced, however then i clicked on netflix and saw there was more episodes of SUITS and completely for got about doctor who and the fact i was meant to be finding a job.

The leader of the group

In every group of mates there is usually one person who has an idea and everyone will always do what they want. However they are usually pure dicks. And for example in my group they think they are a youtube star with 300 subs and thinks they can rap. Like he needs a slap